03 Νοε 2015


The World Obesity Federation has established 11th October World Obesity Day. Considering the issue of obesity of great importance we attempted to make our students aware of it by working on a relevant project. In the beginning, the video 'Teach every child about food' on'Ted' was provided in which Jamie Oliver shares stories from his anti-obesity project. Students were surprised to find out how important it is to eat healthily as well as ways to tackle obesity. Then we used the site 'Breaking News English' where we went through a relevant article named 'Smaller plates help reduce obesity'. The text gave students the chance to find out more ways to face the problem of obesity. After completing some exercises relevant to the text such as a True or False activity and a synonym match, we had a discussion about the causes and effects of obesity. Through this project the students had the opportunity to practise the receptive skills, listening and reading, as well as the productive skill of speaking. Raising awareness regarding crucial issues of our everyday life is considered to be vital for our teenager students who are going to be conscious adults in the society.


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