31 Δεκ 2015


"Triptico" is an interesting web tool which allows teachers to create and use various types of activities, tools, and quiz makers to help improve the classroom and engage students. More specifically it includes different categories of programs such as quizzes (What's the question?, Word mix, etc.), tools like 'Word Magnets', various timers and selectors. Our first grade students of secondary school worked collaboratively on some quizzes and word mix activities which were created to contribute to the revision and consolidation of the vocabulary taught since the beginning of the year. Some quizzes and word mix activities were created using "Triptico", which is a helpful tool for teachers who want to create their own material. Students worked in groups and were asked to find synonyms, antonyms, derivatives or fill in the gap with a word. They were also asked to put the mixed letters of some words in the correct order. Points were given for the correct answers and the team which got the most points won. Students had the chance to revise vocabulary already taught through an interactive, engaging and motivating way. They did really well and were so proud of themselves! Technology seems to attract learners a lot and keep them focused on the activities. "Triptico" is highly recommended for teachers that want to improve interactivity, foster competition, and engage students in the learing process. It's an effective resource for promoting learning, that's why it has earned a place in our classrooms.



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