03 Ιαν 2019


Once upon a time a unique puppet jumped out of a book. Any ideas? Who is this old man in red? He looks nice and kind, he tells stories, he brings gifts, sings carols and loves kids. We are lucky to have him around, we are lucky and excited to have Santa! Is it New Yea'rs Eve? Who knows. Let's listen to the puppet and find out more about his stories. Kids were given a chance to touch the puppet and talk about different parts of its face. Then, they pointed to themselves and sang songs such as "Head, shoulders, knees and toes". They were taught through games and story telling vocabulary relevant to soft, hard, happy, sad. Time was given to greet Santa and tell him about their pets. Are his reindeers naughty or nice? Is he good enough with his big pets? He is dressed in red but he has got white hair. His belt is black and the night is black too! We can be his friends for sure. We played with balloons of different colours. Students in teams of 6 had to pick the right colour and pass it on to one another. The last one had to tell the colour. Who comes first? Santa says "we are all winners". So, it is about time we drew the ideal gifts!

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