18 Απρ 2016

'T-O-M C-A-T, WE LOVE TOM CAT! 1, 2, 3!'

Tom Cat visited our school and had fun with our first and second graders. Tom Cat played different interactive games with our young learners, asked them loads of questions about themselves, their likes and dislikes. Moreover, our students sang lots of amazing songs and danced with Tom Cat.

Our young learners were really excited as they had the chance to meet Tom Cat, the main character of their book. They interacted well with Tom Cat and managed to answer all his questions in English with no difficulty. They 'had a picnic' with Tom Cat and they also pretended to be waiters/waitresses that serve orange juice. 

All these activities and games gave our students the chance to practise their speaking skills and review parts of the curriculum already taught to them (numbers, food items, school objects, stationery, animals, plurals). These engaging and motivating activities gave students the opportunity to practise their English and take a break from the classroom routine. Thank you Tom Cat! We are now looking forward to meeting you again. 

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